3 Reasons To Straighten Your Smile

Orthodontist in San Ramon, CAMany patients visit our San Ramon, CA orthodontist office looking for solutions to straighten their smile. A frequently asked question that we get in our office is regarding the benefits of pursuing orthodontic care. Orthodontic issues cause much more than cosmetic concerns, and addressing them can lead to a better chance at lifelong dental health. Here are three good reasons to address orthodontic concerns and straighten your smile:

Improved Oral Hygiene

Crooked teeth cause a variety of concerns when it comes to your oral hygiene. They create difficult, hard-to-reach areas in your mouth that food residue easily gets caught in. Even patients with the most thorough oral hygeiene routines can have trouble keeping their teeth and gums in good health because of their misalignment. This leads to more plaque and tartar buildup which can cause gum disease progression if not treated. As long as your teeth remain crooked, these problems will persist over time. By straightening your teeth, you are investing in the longivity of your smile. Statistically, patients who pursure orthodontic care reduce their risk for gum disease and other oral hygiene associated issues.

Improved Bite Functionality

Your teeth are intended to work together while performing daily tasks like chewing and speaking. When misaligned, patients may experience difficulty performing these tasks effectively. Additionally, patients may eventually develop tension headaches, earaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, and jaw pain. These issues are often caused by an ineffective bite pattern that puts extra strain on your dental structures and mouth muscles. Dental damage can also result from a misaligned bite creating unintended pressure points on your smile. By pursuing orthodontic care and correcting your bite alignment, you improve the functionality of your bite pattern and prevent yourself from developing TMJ disorder symtpoms.

Improved Smile Aesthetics

Perhaps the most anticipated benefit of pursuing orthodontic care is the improved smile aesthetics. Patients who pursure orthodontic treatment are investing in the betterment of their self-esteem. Crooked, misaligned teeth can cause patients to feel the need to hide their smiles resulting in them staying quiet in meetings and feeling hesitant to make new friends. By straightening your smile, you can feel confident both personally and professionally. If you are looking for an orthodontist in San Ramon, CA, considering scheduling an appointment with Dr. Scott McElroy. He can provide a wide variety of orthodontic solutions to meet the unique needs of your smile. We aim to provide comfortable and compassionate care in our office to patients of all ages. Learn more about McElroy Orthodontics as well as some of the modern treatments we offer here.