Patients Review McElroy Orthodontics

At McElroy Orthodontics, we work to help treat crooked teeth in San Ramon, CA. No matter the case, we want our patients to walk away from our office knowing they got the best orthodontic care. Patient reviews allow us to see what we’re doing right, point out what may need worked on, and show potential patients what they can expect from our office.treating crooked teeth in san ramon, california

McElroy Orthodontics Testimonials

Friendly staff, always welcoming! Dr. McElroy is very knowledgeable and passionate about orthodontics. I highly recommend Dr. McElroy and his staff. Always a good experience.

-Terri Ghio

Dr. McElroy and his staff are amazing! Besides all the great work they did for my daughter, they dealt with me as well. My daughter was able to finish up her treatment early even with the last-minute correction request I asked for. We will miss our visits and the team.

-Brooke Quinn

2 girls’ braces off, 1 to go! Extremely happy with Dr. McElroy and his staff! Highly recommend!

-Erin Robles

All 3 of my kids have been patients here. Great care. They do what’s best for the kid’s dental health, not what fills Dr. McElroy’s pockets fastest. Highly recommend!

-Robin Klau

Dr. McElroy’s practice is fun and comfortable. The staff is friendly, helpful, and courteous. Dr. McElroy explained the treatment plan and showed a moving graphic so I could envision the Plan of Action. I’m stoked to begin this journey and very glad I chose to work with this practice.

-Nancy Fraze

So happy with Dr. McElroy! He was recommended by two dentists and our family has been seeing him for over two years now- first kid’s care is finished and now child number two is a patient. Quality of care and service is exceptional. Staff is helpful and friendly. I highly recommend them.

-Erin Garcia

Two years ago, my dentist highly recommended getting Dr. McElroy’s opinion regarding orthodontic care for my child. Two other orthodontists were ready to begin treatment right away. Dr. McElroy’s opinion was based on research showing that in my child’s case, early orthodontia (before all the baby teeth fell out) would only prolong treatment in the long run. Dr. McElroy and his staff are very friendly and I can’t imagine going anywhere else for care when the time comes.

-Helen Town

Straightening Crooked Teeth in San Ramon, California

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