The Types of Bite Problems

When people think about orthodontics in San Ramon, CA, crooked teeth are usually the orthodontic issue that comes to mind. But braces and orthodontic appliances are also used to treat a variety of bite problems. Dr. Scott McElroy of McElroy Orthodontics explains the bite problems we use orthodontics to treat.orthodontics in san ramon, california

Deep Bite

A deep bite takes place when your back teeth are closed, the upper front teeth overlap your bottom front teeth. The lower incisors touch the gum tissue and roof of the mouth right behind your upper incisors. Since the teeth are constantly coming into contact with that soft tissue, it can cause sores or ulcers to develop and cause significant pain.

Your lower teeth can also wear down faster than normal when you have this type of bite, particularly if you grind your teeth. Crooked teeth and overcrowding are common as well. The bite will have to be opened by moving the upper and lower incisors apart. This creates room for further restoration and straightening the smile.


An overbite is the upper front teeth protruding further over the bottom front teeth. Overbites can be hereditary, but bad oral habits like thumb-sucking during the formative years can also cause it. Similar to a deep bite, the lower front teeth may bite into the roof of your mouth.

Overbites can cause a variety of issues with your teeth. People with overbites are more susceptible to issues like a gummy and protruding smile, as well as excessive wear and tear on the teeth. Jaw pain and problems with TMJ disorders are common as well. Depending on the severity of the case, you may have issues speaking, chewing, and you’re more likely to lose teeth or experience gum disease.


An underbite is the opposite of the overbite, where the lower jaw and teeth protrude in front of the upper. Underbites are also caused frequently by genetics and can be worsened by poor oral health habits during a child’s formative years. Both overbites and underbites can be treated by braces, Invisalign, or orthodontic appliances. Dr. McElroy can help you determine which would be the best option for your specific case.

Open Bite

An open bite occurs when the front teeth don’t make contact when your bite is closed. There’s a gap between the two arches of teeth when your jaw is closed. Many people with open bites have problems with eating and speaking. There are three types of open bite. First, there’s no overlapping between the front teeth when the jaw is closed. Next, the upper and lower front teeth don’t make contact. Last, there’s space between your back teeth when the jaw is closed.

Treatment With Orthodontics in San Ramon, California

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