Straightening Teeth in Two Phases with Braces

Many people associate orthodontic treatment with braces: brackets secured to teeth that hold a wire in place which straightens a patient’s smile. However, depending on a patient’s needs, braces can consist of two distinct phases in order to complete effective orthodontic treatment.

This two-phase technique allows for a more thorough and precise orthodontic experience for patients. Dr. Scott McElroy, an orthodontist in San Ramon, CA, provides further information about two-phase treatment with traditional braces.

two phase orthodontic treatment in San Ramon California

Do All Orthodontic Patients Need Two Phase Treatment?

Not all orthodontic patients will need two phase treatment with braces. Orthodontists usually recommend this treatment plan for young patients with early signs of jaw alignment concerns or malocclusions.

Often, these patients have a mix of baby and adult teeth at the beginning of their treatment. This early orthodontic intervention ensures permanent teeth have room to grow into place properly.

What Happens During Each Phase of Braces?

Phase one of this specific orthodontic strategy may include orthodontic appliances before a dental professional uses braces. These devices can widen or narrow the palate, allowing appropriate room for teeth to grow into the jaw.

Phase two focuses on a curated treatment plan to straighten teeth and create a beautiful, aligned smile. This will involve brackets secured to each of the patient’s teeth and a wire connecting them. Orthodontists proceed with this step of the treatment once permanent teeth have grown.

How Long Does This Treatment Last?

The length of this type of orthodontic treatment can vary depending on each patient’s unique dental needs. An individual with severe crooked teeth or bite issues may need to wear braces for a longer period of time.

Phase one can last from 9 to 18 months, while phase two might last from 12 to 20 months. Your orthodontist will monitor progress and keep you posted about the length of your treatment during regular check-up appointments. They will likely also recommend a small resting period between phases to give your teeth a break.

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