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Dr. Scott McElroy is a San Ramon, California orthodontist that treats patients of all ages. He takes a conservative approach to orthodontic care to ensure that each patient is receiving the best solution for their smile. Before recommending any treatment, Dr. McElroy takes the time to evaluate your teeth, discuss your goals, and explore all possible treatment options. Learn more about what patients can expect at McElroy Orthodontics as well as resources to keep you well-informed:

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Maintaining Your Smile

We take pride in helping patients achieve a straighter, healthier smile that not only improves the aesthetics of their appearance but also their long term dental health. Once your braces and oral appliances have been removed, it is important for you to maintain your new smile with proper and regular retainer use. Although we treat orthodontic relapse, we want to ensure the best results the first time, which is why we recommend retainers to our patients.

Patient Resources

Our dental website provides information about our dental practice, the services we offer, and your first visit to our office. If you would like to learn more about orthodontics, take the time to familiarize yourself with our office before your first appointment.

Keeping Braces and Retainers Clean

Brushing and flossing daily may seem like a challenge, but you should maintain your daily routine to avoid dental problems. Brushing your teeth twice a day gets rid of food debris and plaque, which can quickly morph into tooth decay and gum disease. When flossing, we recommend using a floss threader. You may also use an antiseptic mouth rinse to reduce gum inflammation and other soft tissue inflammation and can prevent infection. It also helps your mouth heal more quickly. In addition to soothing any irritation caused by braces, antiseptic mouth rinses heal canker sores, cheek bites, and similar minor injuries.

We will give you a special case for your retainers to keep them in when you are not wearing them. Remember to clean your retainers daily as a new part of your regular oral hygiene. Gently brush them with a mild toothpaste, or use a denture cleaner with warm water. We recommend soaking your retainer daily to prevent plaque and bacteria accumulation. Wear your retainers every night.

Regular Orthodontic Checkups

The number of visits required during your orthodontic treatment will be dependent upon the type of braces you are using and the concerns we are treating. We typically see patients every 4 to 8 weeks in order for us to monitor progress, look for any damage to orthodontic appliances or braces, and make any necessary adjustments. Periodic check-ups play an important role in keeping your treatment on track and ensuring the best possible end result following treatment.

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