San Ramon CA Orthodontist OfficeFirst Visit

Do you need a new orthodontist for your family? Do you want to straighten your smile?

If you or your child can benefit from orthodontic treatment, call our office, send us an e-mail or fill out our appointment request form online. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. Dr. Scott McElroy is a San Ramon, CA orthodontist who offers compassionate care to patients of all ages. Learn about the details of your first visit to his office below:

San Ramon, CA First Orthodontist Visit

What Happens During Your First Visit?

Upon arriving at our San Ramon, CA, office, each patient will be asked for their new patient forms and insurance card. Dr. McElroy will then complete a thorough exam of the teeth and gums. He may also require additional information, including x-rays or photographs, to diagnose orthodontic issues early for the most accurate and comfortable care. We will also address common questions that many patients may have during the initial examination:

  • Is there an orthodontic problem, and if so, what is it?
  • What must be done to correct the problem?
  • Will any teeth need to be removed?
  • How long will the treatment take to complete?
  • How much will the treatment cost?

Scheduling Appointments

We schedule all appointments according to the needs of our patients. Most patients who have dental braces will be seen every 4 to 8 weeks. If there are specific dental or orthodontic problems that require more frequent monitoring, we will schedule appointments promptly. Because most appointments are scheduled 4 to 8 weeks apart, younger patients will miss minimal school time. We make a sincere effort to meet your scheduling needs.

Open Communication

We believe that good orthodontic care begins with open communication. We will collaborate with you and answer any questions you may have about our diagnosis process. Dr. McElroy may make recommendations for treatment and note symptoms present that may require further treatment. We work together to ensure that care runs smoothly for our patients.

Call (925) 242-0180 or schedule an appointment online with Dr. McElroy. Please feel free to ask us any remaining questions you may have about your specific treatment. We will be happy to explain each orthodontic option open to you to address dental issues at the source.