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 Payment and Dental Insurance

We believe that your visit to the orthodontic office should be pleasant and hassle-free. Our staff goes above and beyond to make your experience as easy and stress-free as possible. We will work with you to maximize your orthodontic insurance benefits when possible.

At McElroy Orthodontics we offer flexible, interest-free monthly payments, spread out over the course of treatment.

We accept Visa/MC/AMEX/ACH or check as payment methods.

Recurrent billing is used to streamline the payment process.


Orthodontic Coverage

Orthodontic coverage falls under your dental insurance plan, and not all dental plans include orthodontic coverage.

Orthodontic coverage is very different from regular dental insurance in that it almost always offers a lifetime maximum amount for each person covered under the plan.

Be sure to ask if your orthodontic coverage has a maximum age. Some cover only children, while others may cover adults and children.

Some plans require a waiting period before they will pay for orthodontic treatment.

Insurance Billing

As a courtesy to our patients, we bill insurance companies electronically and collect payments under your plan on your behalf.

Orthodontic benefits pay out over the course of treatment, not in one lump-sum payment.

Orthodontic benefits are rarely ever paid out upfront.

Depending on your insurance company, payments will be spread out over the course of treatment in monthly, quarterly, or annual installments. Therefore, coverage MUST remain active throughout the entire course of treatment to receive the full benefit.

Loss of Coverage

If there is a loss in coverage (job change or job loss is the most common reason for this), you must notify our orthodontic office as soon as possible so that we can submit a new claim in a timely manner.

If orthodontic benefits terminate and no new coverage is established, the unpaid balance due from the insurance company becomes the patient’s responsibility.

Job Change

When one insurance benefit terminates and another becomes active, it is the responsibility of the subscriber to inform our orthodontic office as soon as possible. It is not unusual for your new insurance company to prorate your new benefit based on what the prior coverage paid and/or the remaining treatment time.

Some plans require a waiting period before they will pay for the treatment.

*NOTE: Not all plans cover orthodontic treatment that is already in progress.

Dual Insurance

Double/Dual coverage occurs when a patient is enrolled in two active policies concurrently. Our office will do our best to help determine how much each policy should pay.

*NOTE: Some exclusions may be present on your policy not allowing payments under both plans. This is called a “non-duplication” rule.