Deep Bite Treatment San Ramon CA

A deep bite is a common malocclusion, or tooth alignment issue often seen in children and adults. This is when the upper front teeth overlap the bottom front teeth when the back teeth are closed. The lower incisors touch the gum tissue located right behind the upper incisors. A deep bite may not seem like an orthodontic concern, but this underlying problem must be addressed to prevent future dental and orthodontic problems. Dr. Scott McElroy is a dentist in San Ramon, CA that offers treatment for many orthodontic concerns including deep bites.

Correcting a Deep Bite San Ramon, CA

Why Fix a Deep Bite?

When the bottom incisors are constantly biting into the roof of your mouth, sores and ulcers may develop. These can be painful and make eating very uncomfortable and difficult. In addition, over-erupted lower incisors can wear down significantly, especially if patients also clench or grind their lower incisors. Excessive wear will lead to damaged teeth and loss of some of the tooth structure.

Some patients suffer from crowded or crooked teeth in addition to a deep bite. However, the deep bite must be corrected first before the crowded and crooked teeth can be aligned. If you have lost a significant amount of tooth structure, Dr. McElroy will need to move the upper incisors and lower incisors apart. This process is often referred to as “opening the bite” and is needed to create space for restoration.

Treatment will entail proper jaw alignment and tooth placement. The upper or lower incisors may be moved or the side and back teeth will be elongated. These treatments will prevent the lower teeth from hitting the roof of the mouth.

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