How to Fix an Underbite San Ramon CA

If your jaw isn’t aligned properly, it can make eating comfortably and speaking clearly pretty difficult, not to mention what it can mean for your smile’s appearance. An underbite is a common misalignment where your lower jaw and teeth protrude further than your upper teeth.

San Ramon, CA orthodontist Dr. Scott McElroy offers comprehensive care for patients seeking treatment for an underbite. Our goal is to help realign the jaw and create a more stable bite. We work closely with our patients throughout all phases of their care and provide personalized solutions for their orthodontic needs.

Treat Your Underbite San Ramon, CA

What Causes an Underbite?

Underbites are usually the result of genetics, which means there are not any external factors that can influence whether or not you develop an underbite. Genetics can determine if you have a larger jaw or overcrowding teeth, both of which can contribute to an overbite.

In some cases, poor dental habits can increase the degree of an underbite. For instance, factors such as mouth breathing, thumb thrusting, poor chewing habits, thumb sucking, and excessive pacifier use can contribute underbite. Developing proper dental habits, especially at a young age, can help improve the health and function of your smile.

Why Treat an Underbite?

Fixing an underbite:

  • Reduces the risk of premature tooth wear and dental damage
  • Offers pain and pressure relief
  • Provides clearer speech
  • Improves jaw function
  • Restores the aesthetics of your smile

If you are experiencing any form of discomfort or pain, schedule an appointment with Dr. McElroy. He will assess your symptoms and perform a complete evaluation of your teeth, jaw, and bite. With the results of your exam, Dr. McElroy can build a treatment plan that is right for you. Common treatment options that address underbites include Invisalign, braces, and orthodontic appliances.

Can Underbites cause problems?

Underbite can cause teeth and jaw problems. They may also cause speech problems in patients that are still growing and have underdeveloped mouths.

What age should you fix an underbite?

Underbites are typically fixed in 2 phases. The first phase works best around the ages of 7-10. After phase 1 patients can enter phase 2. The earlier patients begin to fix an underbite the better they will respond to treatment.

Can a child outgrow an underbite?

In some cases with growth, patients’ jaws push backwards, correcting their underbite. If this occurs it will happen around the age of 16.

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