Pediatric Orthodontic Treatment San Ramon CA

Are you concerned about your child’s teeth alignment? 

The earlier you begin to think about your child’s teeth alignment, the better. Early orthodontic treatment can be the difference between your child needing extensive orthodontic care in the future and otherwise. At our San Ramon orthodontic office, Dr. Scott McElroy specializes in treating children who show signs of needing orthodontic care. He provides a variety of orthodontic appliances to help with your child’s dental structure development. Additionally, he takes the time to teach your child about their overall dental health, and how these oral appliances will help them in the future. Sometimes, early orthodontic treatment can help younger patients avoid needing braces in the future. This is why we recommend having your child’s teeth alignment evaluated by a professional orthodontist like Dr. McElroy as early as 7 years old.

Two Phase Treatment in San Ramon CA

Pediatric Treatment in San Ramon, CA

Early orthodontic care often occurs as a two-phase treatment plan. The first phase includes monitoring your child’s baby teeth progression and ensuring that there is enough space for the permanent teeth to grow in successfully. Addressing these concerns early can offer your child a better long term result in terms of smile development. During this phase, we may recommend the use of an orthodontic appliance. Some appliances may include:

  • Palate expanders – To make space for permanent tooth development and address upper jaw alignment issues
  • Functional appliances – To address thumb-sucking and tongue thrusting as well as enabling normal jaw and tooth development
  • Sagittal appliances – To expand the arch and allow for normal tooth development while preventing overcrowding

As your child’s mouth develops, we will keep a close eye on all of their dental structures and be able to give you as the parent a better idea of what to expect down the road. Phase two may include the use of braces. It’s important to remember that because your child’s teeth are still developing, orthodontic care will be quicker and more effective during childhood than it would be if they seek to care for themselves as an adult. The long-term benefits of two-phase treatment will significantly assist in helping your child’s teeth and jaw develop naturally.

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Having your child’s teeth alignment evaluated by a dental professional is always a good idea. Our office is a family-friendly orthodontic practice. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. McElroy today. We look forward to helping you and your child achieve beautiful and healthy smiles.