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Dr. Scott McElroy’s San Ramon, CA orthodontist office provides comprehensive solutions for patients who have a variety of dental problems. Whether you suffer from an overbite, underbite, crooked teeth, or other orthodontic problems, we will work with you to find an effective solution. We aim to provide comfortable and compassionate care in our office to patients of all ages. Learn more about McElroy Orthodontics as well as some of the modern treatments we offer below:

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Orthodontics for Patients of All Ages

Dr. McElroy’s orthodontic practice treats patients of all ages in the Danville and San Ramon areas. Our team strives to deliver the best results and create the most comfortable experience for our patients, which is why we utilize the latest technologies, such as digital x-rays and impressions, to aid in all Invisalign and traditional orthodontic treatments. Our top priority is to provide all of our patients with the highest level of care and create an environment where they feel empowered and informed. We invite patients of all ages to visit our office for a consultation with our team. We take the time to evaluate your smile and recommend solutions that are right for you.

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High-Quality Orthodontic Treatments

Our San Ramon, California orthodontic office has an array of solutions to patients to straighten and realign teeth for a healthier smile:


Invisalign braces are a modern solution that gradually realigns teeth over time. Because they are clear, Invisalign aligners are discreet. Patients may remove their aligners to eat and drink, so this orthodontic treatment does not require any dietary restrictions. Both teens and adults can straighten their teeth comfortably with Invisalign. Invisalign Teen also offers more replacement aligners in case they get broken or lost.

Dental Braces

Traditional metal braces remain by far the most common type of fixed orthodontic appliances. They consist of metal bands that wrap around the molars in the back and smaller metal brackets that are cemented to the front surfaces of the other teeth. Tooth adjustments often occur every three to ten weeks with braces, depending on the type of braces or aligners and your overall treatment needs.

Clarity™ Advanced Braces

Clarity™ Advanced Ceramic braces are a unique and innovative system of braces featuring small translucent brackets that blend in with your teeth, making them virtually unnoticeable. The brackets are durable and resistant to staining and discoloration during treatment. They enhance patient comfort and minimize contact between teeth.

Orthodontic Appliances

There are a variety of appliances crafted from metal or durable plastic that are used to support, expand, or retain the shape of teeth. These orthodontic appliances can be bonded to teeth or mouth in order to provide a correction in the size of the palate, tooth alignment, or the bite.

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