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At McElroy Orthodontics in San Ramon, California, we are passionate about patient care. Dr. Scott McElroy is an orthodontist with the knowledge and experience to safely transform your smile. Our aim is to provide high-quality orthodontic treatment in a warm and compassionate environment. We do everything we can to make sure that you have an exceptional experience at our practice. Learn more about why you should choose our office for comfortable orthodontic care below:
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Advanced Technology

Digital technology has improved the patient experience in many ways. Dr. McElroy has incorporated digital technology into our San Ramon office to provide more accurate treatment planning, less invasive care, and predictable results.

Our office uses iTero digital technology to take your dental impressions. This handheld device means no more messy, uncomfortable impression trays. Patients love seeing their smiles on the computer screen after impressions are taken. Dr. McElroy utilizes high-resolution imagery to create personalized treatment plans using CAD/CAM technology. We also use digital x-rays to significantly reduce any exposure to radiation.

Conservative Orthodontic Care

Dr. McElroy is a professional dentist that has helped many patients achieve a more balanced and stable smile. He also understands the importance of conservative orthodontics. In some cases, we will evaluate your smile and create a treatment plan that is right for you. Furthermore, we may recommend waiting before you begin orthodontic treatment. At our office, we take a personalized approach to your care to ensure our patients are getting the most out of their treatment.

We only recommend orthodontic care for those who need it and take the time to provide an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan that is right for you. Additionally, Dr. McElroy also may request that your child be seen at various times in their oral development to monitor any concerns and make recommendations for appropriate care at the opportune time.

Comprehensive Solutions

You won’t be limited to one type of orthodontic treatment at McElroy Orthodontics. We offer you a wide choice of treatments that can be customized to fit your needs. Our goal is to give you and your family comprehensive orthodontic solutions all under one convenient roof. Individualized care makes it easy for everyone in your family to get what they need at their particular stage of life. Orthodontic patients may benefit from receiving:

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